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  • What if my pet is aggresive?

    Our doctor has experience working with aggressive animals and is Fear Free certified; many pets show aggression as a reaction to fear, anxiety, or stress.  If your pet cannot be safely handled, you may want to contact your regular veterinarian to ask for oral medications to give before the appointment, like trazodone or gabapentin.  Our doctor also carries oral sedative medication.  If you feel that your pet cannot be safely handled, please alert your doctor prior to the appointment so that they may plan accordingly. 

  • How long will it take for my pet’s cremated remains to be returned to me?

    Typically, Forever Friends will hand deliver cremains to your home in about 1 day. If you are using Forever Friends cremation services, they will call you directly to discuss your preferences for urn as well as any optional memorial products you may want. It is important that you speak with them to prevent delays in the process.  Their phone number is 614-683-9804. If you are unable to speak on the phone due to grief or other reasons, please e-mail them at  They are available 24/7 to support you. 

  • How long do the appointments take?

    Most appointments take about 30-45 minutes.  The appointment is scheduled for 60 minutes; if you feel you may need more time than that, please speak with our veterinarian to discuss accommodations. 

  • Where should my pet be for the appointment?

    It is best for your pet to be in a calm, quiet area where you and they are most comfortable.  It is also important that we have access to your pet.  Cats often hide, especially when sick or when visitors arrive.  Having your cat in a carrier (soft-sided carriers are preferred but not required) or in a bathroom or other small area is important. If your dog is likely to run or try to hide (especially under furniture), please have your pet confined to a small area or on a leash. 

    We are able to accommodate being outside or inside; however, patient comfort is always top priority, so during inclement weather or hot days, it may not be safe nor comfortable for the pet to be outdoors.  Please let us know what your preferences are and we will do our best to work with you. 

  • Who can be present during the appointment (including other pets and children)?

    This is a complicated and personal decision.  Some families choose to be with their pet as they are passing away.  Others choose not to witness that part.  Whatever choice you make, your pet will get the same loving and tender care from their doctor. 

    It is important to consider all of the factors when deciding who should be present.  Our doctor welcomes families of all sizes and age ranges; however it is important to consider the well-being of the patient as well.  Some pets may feel stressed by young children or loud noises or crowds, which can lead to longer times to getting sleepy and possibly even needing additional injections.  These pets may do better in a room with 1 or 2 of the closest family members.  It is important that families remain as calm and quiet during the process as possible to avoid causing extra fear or stress to your pet.  

    Other pets are also welcome to witness the euthanasia.  Again, it is important to consider if the other pets may excite or stress the patient.  It is also important to consider whether the other pet(s) presence will allow you to be present in your pet’s final moments. 

    If you plan to have more than 2-3 people present or if you plan to have children or pets present, please let us know.  Our veterinarian will gladly talk through a plan to help ensure your pet’s passing is peaceful while still accommodating as much as possible.  Our veterinarian can also bring an art therapy kit upon request for children which includes a children’s book about euthanasia.  

  • Can my pets have their medication, food, and water the day of the appointment?

    Yes!  Please continue to do all that you can to keep your pet happy and comfortable the day of your appointment.  If they are still eating it is ideal to have them a little hungry at the time of the appointment so we can distract them with yummy treats, so maybe don’t give them their full meal.  If your pet is anxious, very painful, or has a history of being fearful at the vet’s office, you may want to ask your veterinarian for oral sedatives to give before the appointment, like trazodone and gabapentin, to help decrease their fear and stress.  If you are using medications like these, please administer them at least 90 minutes before your appointment to give them time to take effect. 

  • Will this hurt my pet?

    We do our best to minimize or eliminate pain whenever possible.  However, this is a medical procedure and may result in some pain, but usually only mild and short-term discomfort. We often give pets a sedative medication by injection; we use small needles and administer the medication slowly and under the skin when possible to decrease the chance it will sting.  However, some pets may react more than others, either due to pain response or fear, which may result in more discomfort.  Our veterinarian anesthetizes patients before euthanasia, meaning they are asleep for the final injection.  The euthanasia solution itself is an overdose of a pain relief medication, and usually does not cause pain on administration, and would not be painful in an anesthetized pet. 

  • How do I know when it is time?

    The decision to euthanize a pet is a very difficult one.  There are many resources available to help with this decision.  Some may find it helpful to make the decision more objective by using the Quality of Life assessment tools.  Our doctor is available for Quality of Life consultations to help with your decision on whether or not to euthanize.  The fee for this consultation is $150 (plus travel fee if outside of the 15 mile/20 minute radius).  Your doctor will do their best to provide you with options and alternatives to euthanasia.  However, if at the end of the consultation you decide that you wish to proceed with euthanasia during that visit, your consultation fee and travel fees will be credited toward the euthanasia.

  • How is in-home euthanasia different than in the clinic or vet hospital?

    Many people choose to take their pets to their regular veterinary clinic for a variety of reasons.  Many are attached to their doctors or vet teams; some don’t want the memory of euthanasia in their home; others because they needed to take the first available option. 

    In-Home euthanasia can be a wonderful alternative to going into the clinic or vet hospital for many patients. 

    • They do not have to travel to the vet hospital, which is stressful for many pets and may be painful if the pet has mobility issues. 
    • They can stay in their own home, where they are familiar with everything and most comfortable.  You can help choose the location you think your pet would find the most comforting.
    • It is much more intimate and private.  There is no having to talk to the receptionist, walk into the hospital crying, see several team members and then have to walk into the lobby crying again.  With Comfort Care Mobile, it is just your family and your veterinarian, and you can feel more free to express the emotions you are having.  Our veterinarian is very experienced, non-judgemental and understanding.  You may also ask for privacy; as long as it is safe for your pet, we will do our best to accommodate you. You will be given the opportunity after your pet has passed to have privacy if you would like. 
    • It allows for more flexibility – to have other family members or pets present, to choose to be outside, or in a favorite bed. 

Dr. Kristen Maul

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