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How is in-home euthanasia different than in the clinic or vet hospital?

Many people choose to take their pets to their regular veterinary clinic for a variety of reasons.  Many are attached to their doctors or vet teams; some don’t want the memory of euthanasia in their home; others because they needed to take the first available option. 

In-Home euthanasia can be a wonderful alternative to going into the clinic or vet hospital for many patients. 

  • They do not have to travel to the vet hospital, which is stressful for many pets and may be painful if the pet has mobility issues. 
  • They can stay in their own home, where they are familiar with everything and most comfortable.  You can help choose the location you think your pet would find the most comforting.
  • It is much more intimate and private.  There is no having to talk to the receptionist, walk into the hospital crying, see several team members and then have to walk into the lobby crying again.  With Comfort Care Mobile, it is just your family and your veterinarian, and you can feel more free to express the emotions you are having.  Our veterinarian is very experienced, non-judgemental and understanding.  You may also ask for privacy; as long as it is safe for your pet, we will do our best to accommodate you. You will be given the opportunity after your pet has passed to have privacy if you would like. 
  • It allows for more flexibility – to have other family members or pets present, to choose to be outside, or in a favorite bed.